We have been trying to deploy Zenworks objects to machines with just
Windows 2k SP4, Novell Client 4.90 SP2 and IE 6.02 loaded along with the
Novell 6.5 agent. We are having problems getting the SYSTEM number to show
up in the application explorer window to even down the object to the
workstation. If we apply the object to the user, sometimes it shows up
under the JOE.XXX.XXXX and other times it does not work.

For example, I can take a object we have successfully deployed to our
current workstations that have all of our applications already on and it
works fine. If I take that same object and try to deploy to the bare
workstation (as above), it does not show up with the workstation.

We currently have the object associated with the workstation and the box
checked for Force run as user if applicatino is workstation associated
along with Run application once.

We have already set the laucher config to workstation helper to yes.

Any other ideas? What bare installed programs do we need to launch
applications to the workstations?

Thanks in advance.