When running an application from the NAL. The NAL Window continues to stay as the active/focus window and the application runs behind. This is causing numerous issues for us. Once we click on the application window it becomes the active window. However the application window cannot always be seen behind the NAL Window. We checked the Zenworks desktop documentation even though we set it to bring all popups to the front as the documentation implies we are still getting the same result. I even set the desktop to the explorer shell it behaves the same way.

We changed the registry key that makes the change and then copied the administrator profile over the default user profile this was the only way to change the result. However we tried to push the registry setting with Zenworks that doesn't work either because it doesn't change the default user profile. We have over 1000 PC's and would like to find a better solution if anyone knows of any?

Does anyone know of a better solution?

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