I have one application that causes problems whenever it it is launched
from a nal icon, all of our other applications use zen icons to launch
and have no issues.

The nalagent.exe process goes from its usual 0% to 99% and stays like
this until the machine is restarted. This turns the speed of the pc to
a dogs dinner and it can't be used.

The appliation in question uses the .NET framework and is the only app
we have that uses this.
When I launch directly from the .exe there is no problem with nalagent.exe
Also when I create a .bat for zen to launch, nalagent goes to 99%

This happens on both the current 6.5 agent release and the update that
is currently in beta.

Could this be an issue with the .net framework or a application that
doesn't like zenworks.

Ian M
Hereward College, UK