Some time ago we upgraded our ZENWorks from 3.2 to 4.01. During the upgrade
a dedicated server was implemented for inventory and all the other ZEN
features. ZENworks 3.2 was originally installed on another server and
Zenworks 4.01 files were never installed on it. The users have a search
path to the public folder on this server. In the past zenworks 3 would use
files from the public folder to run. (ie WSREG32, NAL, NALEXPLD). Zenworks
4 has moved alot of this to the workstation, so it does not access the
network. If we run ZENVER from any users workstation we get back that the
version is Zen 3.2. If I map a drive to the ZEN server and run ZENVER from
the public drive on the ZEN server I get response back that the version is
4.01 and the proper patch level. Is this going to cause any problems for
us? Should we be installing then ZENWorks 4 files and patches on the
original server as well (or change the search path to new ZEN server)?

Thanks in advance for any answers.