Since workstations in a branch office (container )were added to a Windows
2000 domain (Server in OU) when users with no previous issues login from
the branch context to the branch server within the ou, they have an empty
NAL. When we use the Novell patch for this it is cleared up, however, a
CNE says the patch is the wrong version for our client and ZFD. Without
the patch, the only way to populate the NAL is to take the W/S off the
domain and use the admin workstation login with the novell user login.
The only users experiencing this problem are those who login to a
computer they had not used prior to the domain addition project and users
who login to a computer imaged (from various images made prior to and
after the project ) which are then added to the domain. Before addition
to the domain, the newly imaged computers are fine. Afterwards they
receive cm0000002xxblah, blah, blah errors indicating rights issues

Users in the main office container under the same OU do not experience
this problem when they login to the main office container/server. Branch
office users do not experience the problems when they login to the main
office container/server. Main office users and branch office users
experience identical problems when logging into the branch office

The only user found that experiences no problems in the branch office is
the main office admin user. The branch office admin user experiences the
problems in the branch office container/server but not in the main

I suspect policies, inherited rights filters, effective rights.....

your thoughts?

Any guidance that might make the hunt more efficient and time effective?