I am trying to prove the capability to distribute software overnight. I have
successfully created a Wake on LAN scheduled action that switches on PCs
ready to receive applications. I cannot get a test application to distribute
successfully. I have 2 problems: First running the application at a
scheduled time; Second, getting it to copy a file from the server to the
workstation. The server is Netware 6.5SP2 with ZfD4.01ir4a. The client is
Windows 2000 SP6, with client 4.90SP2 and the ZfD agent.

I created the application manually. It distributes 1 file from the root of a
network drive (URL syntax) to the root of the C: drive. It then always
reboots without prompting. The application is set to run as a secure system
user. The application is force run, associated with one test workstation.
The application is scheduled to run at a test time. The root of the network
drive has been given read and scan access rights for this workstation.

The best that I have been able to do is to cause the workstation to reboot
at the scheduled time without copying the file or to run the application
completely as I login.

What is more normal is a failure to do anything at the scheduled time, or to
reboot without file copy as I login. Each time I retest, I change the
scheduled time, increment the distribution version number and delete the
contents of the NalCache directory tree.