Since upgrading to ZEN 6.5 I am unable to configure a database in C1
(1.36c). Every time I go Tools->ZENworks inventory->Configure DB and select
my inv or nal database object, I get the error "Unable to connect to the
inventory database. Ensure that the database is up and running".
If I select the properties of database object and go to <RM Audit> tab, I
get the following message.
1701: Unable to connect to the database. Check if the database is running.

I already chekced the general helath of eDir ZENworks objects and they are
fine. I have both databases set up in ODBC data sources and testing the
connection is fine. I find very interesting the fact that accessing the
database is possible using older C1's, like 1.33 which works fine. But
obviously lacks the ability to manage ZEN 6.5 applications.