Before I go nuts possibly reinventing the wheel, I thought I'd see if
anyone else has run into these problems. Using: Win2K with all current
patches; Novell Client 4.9 SP2 with the post-SP2 patch kit C and the
NWGina for ZW 6.5; the 9/17/04 ZW 6.5 agent; Computer Associates' eTrust
antivirus v7.1.

We use the window view for NAL, launched using NALWin32 (currently via
the Startup folder, but eventually we want to change that to the end of
the login script). I recently began having problems getting NAL to load
(either nothing but the splash screen or an empty window with the splash
screen still showing). We'd just had a security scare, so I'd done a
manual Windows update and installed the antivirus software we'd recently
licensed. Eventually I discovered that if I disabled the CAI eTrust
antivirus realtime monitor, NAL loaded fine. If I re-enabled the
monitor, refresh would hang. Limiting it to Outgoing files only didn't
help (there is no option limiting to Incoming files - go figure!).

Another odd thing with the 6.5 NAL is that when it loads with my normal
view (List), the columns are all about 1 inch wide and the captions are
truncated. Switching to Small Icons view and back gets me wider columns
and readable captions, but if I minimize and restore the window, the
columns go back to the shorter width.

Neither of these problems seems to occur on my XP station running the
same client, ZW agent, and eTrust versions. That workstation has XP SP2
and all subsequent patches. Anyone know anything about either of these
issues on Win2K?