Hello All,

We are experiencing a very painful problem regarding memory leakage since
deploying the Workstation Manager and adding NALVIEW into the login
script for our fleet of Windows 2000 users.

The problem occurs for Windows 2000 (SP4), when NALAGENT.EXE is loaded,
and the user opens MS Word and leaves it running (to work with documents,
as you do). If you watch the Windows Task Manager Processes list,
WINWORD.EXE starts using more and more memory, until in some instances it
has used over 1.6GB of memory. All of our PCs have between 256 and 512MB
of physical RAM, so things quickly spiral downwards into a virtual memory
usage issue, then constant errors as even virtual memory is used up. This
can get to this state within an hour. A restart of the PC resets memory,
but immediately upon opening MS Word, the issue reappears.

If we unload NALAGENT.EXE, you can run MS Word all day and it's memory
usage is stable.

Most of our Windows 2000 PCs are running MS Office XP, but we've upgraded
some to MS Office 2003 and it makes no difference. The problem also
occurs on our older machines running Office 2000 SR-1.

We are using Novell Client 4.90 SP2, and we have also opened a case with
Novell, for which they supplied a version of ZFDAGENT.MSI dated 5th
October 2004 (13.9MB file size). I understand this updated file fixes a
memory leak with WM.EXE, but our testing shows it does nothing to fix the

We are also running PCs with Windows XP SP2, and MS Office 2003 SP1, and
the problem isn't apparent on these, or if it does exist, it takes far
far longer to use up all the memory.

Has anyone else seen this? I'm not looking forward to a resolution,
because Novell and MS are likely to blame each other for poor code. Any
help would be appreciated!