Ok, I admit that I don't know 10% of ZEN. Unfortunately about of the stuff I do use it for seems to be broken and is beyond my ability to fix.

NW65 sp2
Latest Beta agent

Gripe #1: Beta agent reports in the MSI application but Help/About in Application Launcher reports
Gripe #2: Application Launcher, File/Exit Application Launcher 'disconnects' application launcher but the window does not close - causing confusion why applications won't run.
Gripe #3: Applications created with ZFD4 won't "force run" anymore....no matter what I do. I remember reading something about having to upgrade all my clients to 6.5 management agent, but that doesn't seem to work. Also, I cannot "force run" an application to a workstation only not a user. Maybe I misunderstand the user/workstation association connection. I want an application to run once per workstation, not per user who logs into that PC. I pushed out an application last night and each person who logged in had the application run...which was unnecessary.

Ok, that's not many gripes. I guess if I could force out the latest agengt via NAL I'd be happy, but unfortunately I'm unable to get the app to force run.

So is there some upgrade/conversion I need to do for my old apps? Will I lose the ability for my ZFD4 users to run the apps if I upgrade? I'm confused why this stuff isn't working anymore!

[steps down from soap box]

Thanks, Brian