I will be using Zen 6.5 to deploy Office 2003 and Office 2003 SP1.

Hope this makes sense...

I haven't set up an administrative install point. Rather, I've copied
the CD to a Netware server to serve as a compressed install point. Per
Microsoft, the SP can then be distributed as a chained install by
modifying the setup.ini file.

I've successfuly done the chained install (with an MST) from a command
prompt. However, when I do the install using a Zen MSI object, the SP
does not get chained/installed.

A post distribution script doesn't work either - it just hangs when
trying to run the script. As a workaround, I'm thinking I should create
another app object for the SP and execute it after the main install.
However, the Zen app dependency method seems to work differently from
what I want.

Is it possible to click on one app object then have it kick off another
app object when the first install is done?