Zfd 6.5 has been installed in our network. Main servers running NW 6.0 SP4,
regional servers currently running NW 5.1.
We are currently running workstations on W2K SP3 with Novell Client 4.83
(SP2). We need to use Win XP due to some hardware incompatibilities with
newer chipsets.
With that in mind, we have installed Zfd 6.5 on the Zenworks server
(Master Replica server) and need to use group policy to manage the
workstations. W2k workstations run unchanged from when Zfd 3.2 was on the
On the test workstations running Windows XP (base, SP1, or SP2).
Novell Client can be 4.83 SP3, 4.90, 4.90 sp1a, 4.90 sp2. Doesn't matter.
As soon as the zfd6.5 agent is installed on the workstations the following
errors are occuring:

1. LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-720: This utility could not add -
NWLANGUAGE=ENGLISH to the local environment variables.
- this occurs only for non-admin users. Does not appear to be able to
perform a map root, or find the sys:public drive mapping during the login
-sometimes there are LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890 Specified server is unknown,
and one cannot map to drives correctly.

2. Start Menu does not display the Zen Application Folders
- They exist in c:\documents and setttings\%user\Start Menu
but are not displayed.

3. System user based apps do not deploy
- Running as secure or unsecure system user. Associated with user.

4. Error in Event viewer

Error 1085 - Userenv

The Group Policy client-side extension Scripts failed to execute. Please
look for any errors reported earlier by that extension.
- There are no errors reported earlier. Userenv.dll is registered.
This occurs for all, admin and non-admin users.

5. Nal does not run on the non admin users experiencing the error
described in number 1.

The users have RF access to the directory where the group policies are

What comments/suggestions do the netware guru's and sysadmins' have for me?

James MacDonald
Desktop Engineer
Victorian Workcover Authority