Has anyone had either the SYSTEM or USERNAME folder missing from
application explorer. For example, I have Groupwise 6.5 associated with
id JDOE and also an BILLGEN application object associated with that SYS-
XXXXX. The BillGen object shows up under the SYS, but there is no
username folder. If I log in with the same ID on another machine, I see
the JDOE folder and the SYS folder with the objects associated with that

On the first machine missing JDOE folder, I double-click to deploy the
BillGen object and it works just fine. This workstation is inventoried
and is working correctly, just missing the JDOE folder. That same
Groupwise 6.5 object on the other workstation, I can double-click and
deploy to the other workstation. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the

Any ideas?