I am trying to distribute Mavis Teaches Typing to 13 computers. They
have all been imported and they are placed in an OU called Lab

I have used Snapshot, instaled the application on 1 machine, it created
an .AOT file. Then I created an Application Object in ConsoleOne,
associated it with the OU. I checked the boxes that say Desktop, Start
Menu and Force Run under associations.

The application is being distributed, it installs fine but when I go
under Start-->all programs I can see the application's folder but there's
no icons in the folder. all the files are installed, I checked... I can
run the application just fine but I want to see the icons there. I can
go in and create a shortcut to the files but that's more work....it
should be able to distribute it with icons and everything.

I've installed Microsoft Office 2003 and all the icons showed up...

I'm using Zen 6.5 agent update 1, Windows XP SP2 and Novell client 4.9