I'm trying to use NAL instead of explorer.exe as the custome user
interface on a Windows 2000 Pro computer. I also have an application, PC
Reservation (from Envisionware), that runs from a force-run ZEN app
object associated to the workstation. The app object is configured using
the "Force run as user if application is workstation associated" option
from the Run Options -> Application tab. This application is installed on
the workstation and the app object is just running it's executable.

I'm having a problem because the Application Launcher window is the last
thing to open. Because PC Reservation controls and meters user access to
a workstation, the Application Launcher window needs to open, BUT do so
BEFORE PC Reservation ever begins running from the ZEN app object. This
will keep the App Launcher hidden behind the PC Reservation screen where
it should be.

Since I'm not using explorer.exe, registry RUN commands do not run, which
is how PC Reservation is normally launched. Is there a way to delay
execution of a force-run, workstation-associated app until after the
Application Launcher window has opened?