Running ZDM 6.5 and Middle Tier on two separate Windows 2003 p4 3.2gig
servers with 2 gig of ram. Have about 650 workstations and about 2000
users spread out amonst 3 shifts. Any given **** probably about 200
people sign in and out. Problem is that Applicattion Explorer is taking
and extreme abount of time to populate to the workstations. Up to 30 min
in some cases, averageing about 15. The load on the MTier server is about
40% CPU and about 220 PF... ZDM is about 1% CPU and about 1000mb PF,
neitehr of wich are at capacity. I have about 320 application objects,
none of which are set to force load, that are associated to OU's, so if
you're a member of an OU you get these apps in your app explorer. Any
Ideas on the what the problem could be?