I have an application that I need to distribute to multiple wks, that
requires the signed on user to have admin rights. I've used the feature
of making the app object install as the system user fora long time without
any problems. Along comes Active Directory and now I have a problem. My
site is running ZEN Desktop 6.5 in a pure windows env. I have no trouble
pushing apps to workstations when the normal user creditials work, the
problem I have is when I need to install something that need local admin
rights. If I turn on "run as system user", then the app doesn't have
rights to the domain share, and if I run as normal user then they dont'
have admin rights. Short of making everyone admins, or pushing the app to
the local machine before trying to run it, is there any way to run an app
object from a domain share with local admin authority using zenworks
desktop managemement 6.5 in a windows env?