I'm not sure if this the right forum to post this question or if it should
go in the GW forum. Please disregard if this is the wrong forum.
I created a zfd app using the AOT file that came with GW 6.5 sp3. The
install goes without any errors but when GroupWise is launched, i get the
following error:

GrpWise.exe - Entry Point Not Found
?ProcessGWItemTypeProperty@NgwiCalFlProcessor@@UAG KPAVNgwiCalGWItemTypePrope
rty@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library GWWWW1.DLL

I can't make much sense of this.
The upgrade is from GW 6.5sp1.
If I go to the Add/Remove programs, GroupWise doesn't show listed - so I
can't do an uninstall that way.
If I do a re-install using the regular installation process - not using the
ZFD app, it fixes the problem on the workstation and everything is fine.
I'm assuming the AOT file is not setup properly since the install goes fine
if run from the SETUP.EXE.