I've juste migrate from ZfD3 to ZfD6.5
After the upgrade, nalwin32.exe don't show up.
It is started from the login script : @\\srv\sys\public\nalwin32.exe

The Zfd6.5 Documentation says :
"When you upgrade the ZENworks 3.2 Server to the ZENworks 6.5 Desktop
Management Server, nalexpld.exe and nal.exe are updated to launch naldesk
or nalwin32 from the local directory where the Desktop Management Agent
was installed. This change affects ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 SP3
workstations using the Novell Client that have not been updated with the
ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Agent."

This is exactly my case. My Workstations have Novell client 4.90Sp2, and
are not update yet with Zfd6.5 management agent.
Even when launching the new nal.exe (instead of nalwin32.exe) in the login
script, NAL window don't sho up!
The only way to continue using NAL, is to launch nalwin32 directly from
the local workstation (c:\novell\nal\nalwin32.exe)

Is it a normal situation?Is there any other way to launch Nal until I
update all the workstations?