Hello everybody!

I have a few practical questions about your experience with Win XP SP2. In
our company, we haven't started implementing SP2, because we're not sure
about it. Yet. At all. We are using ZDM 6.5 and we haven't had (until now)
a serious security incident since we implemented a new firewall product. We
are reasonably secure and therefore there is no acute need to install SP2
right now. But some tests I have conducted showed that some parts of app
management don't work with SP2 installed. I can't install snapshot'd apps
on workstations with SP2, I also can't run *.exe files with unsecure system
user selected (this is used to update/install certain software). Basically
I am limited to msi and simpler apps like terminal server, webapps and
launch only. Have any of you had similar experience? Have you got any
advice? Despite all we'll have to go SP2 someday...