I am attempting to create an application for Mozilla FireFox 1.0 in Windows
2000 Professional. I am running ZENworks 6.5 with Snapshop 6.5 and NetWare
6.5. When snapshot finishes the AOT file and begins generating the AXT
file I receive NWAPPConvertAOTtoAXT failed. The application shows no files
when imported into ConsoleOne as a result.

ConsoleOne's AOT->AXT utility causes ConsoleOne to exit to the desktop with
no errors or warning. Other applications do not report this error. What
could be causing this? The only T.I.D. I found was related to someone
using SnapShot 6.5 and importing applications for ConsoleOne with 4.0
Snapins. Which I am not doing. Thanks in advance any help is appreciated.