Sorry for the lengthy post, but please bear with me.

We will be renaming our ZEN tree at the end of the month and are
attempting to mitigate all the issues that will arise.

Our applications are disconnectable so users will be able to continue
using them prior to having their workstations reconfigured, but we're
attempting to find a way to stop all the application redistributing with
the new tree name (slow WAN links) once reconfigured to the new tree name.

Would it be possible to change the NALcache directory name
(C:\NALCache\Treename) and registry settings to point to the new tree, as
the apps are already deployed to the PC, and carry on as before. I've
found the following keys:

these contain the GUIDs of each app


this the WM and PC->Tree links (may be a better idea to reimport?)

HKLM\Software\Novell\Workstation Manager\Identification

In addition to this there is a load of stuff under HKCU/HKU -

HKCU(HKU)\Software\Netware\NAL\1.0\Distribute\TREE NAME
HKCU(HKU)\Software\Netware\NAL\1.0\SACache\TREENAM E
HKCU(HKU)\Software\Netware\NAL\2.x\Session\TREENAM E

Changing all of these prior to using the NAL should transparently change
the PC over to the new tree I think? Is there anything else on the PC end
which links applications to a specific tree name?