I have a forced MSI app that has been tested successfully with a small
group of users. The installs went fine so I decided to associate the app
to everyone. When I did, some people got the push, some took 45 minutes
to complete, and alot recieved the "Problem:Install Failed. MSI
returned error code: 1612" The 1612 doesn't make sense since it worked
for my test group of users. So I took the association away and just
associated the people in Accounting. The install went just fine.
So my question is this....Does it sound like I need to set the app up
for load balancing and/or fault tolerance? We've forced other apps to
everyone before and never had a problem. This however is the first MSI
package that we've forced. Could that have something to do with it? The
server that ZfD runs on is a dual 3.2GHz processor w/ 4GB RAM.