Platform : nw65 sp2, zdm 6.5u2 upgraded from zfd 4.1 ir4

Rouge process managenent is enabled. all related files allowed.
When we place the nal icon in the quicklaunch and start the application
we recive an error that this application (word) is not allowed to run.
When the same appicon are placed on the desktop the application (word)
starts. The word.exe is allowed in rouge process.

Dissabling rouge process managemen and starting the app (word) from
desktop, the app starts. When we now launch it from quicklaunch the
same app (word) start as it should.

What I'm i missing. What .exe files from c:\program\novell\zenworks
need too be allowed in rouge process management ?

It worked just fine before we upgraded.

Tried to launch Application Explorer from Login script, autostart and
manually, no dosen't change anything.

Anyone seen this behaviour before ?