Active Directory and ZENWorks environment. We want to leave our users as
just "Users" and not make them anymore such as Power User or Adminstrator
for security concerns. However, we have a few applications that require
Administrator access to run. So we wish to run these applications as
Unsecure System User, but of course then the user loses drive mappings so
is unable to load their data into the program and save any new files they
create on network volumes.

Has this problem not been fixed yet ? I was lead to believe ZEN 6.5
would fix this.

The only way i can think of getting round the problem is to modify the
netconnections.vbs from Windows 2000 Resource Kit, so that it outputs the
users drive mappings to a text file. Launch the Unsecure System User App
Object and then remap the network drives using the outputted text file
with a /user:domain\username option.

Does anyone know of another way ?

As far as I am concerned this is a problem with the ZFD software which
needs resolving. Surely, this is the ideal scenario in which everyone
wants to run their desktops with minimal rights to stop junk getting on
their PC's, and just run those programs that require more permissions as
a local System user. I would like to see an extra option in the
application object, "Unsecure System User with Mapped Drives".

Thanks in advance.