Have created a Simple App Obj that copies files down to a workstation.

(I have created many apps before and they all work fine)

This app is used to put down files before the Lotus Notes install.

Anyway... I assoc the app with users and force run/force cache (its install
only too)

When NAL starts the App install flashes by ... I check the folder where the
files should exist and nothing is in there.

I check registry and the app obj thinks it is installed.

To test I put an icon on the desktop, right-clicked on it and I get the
Verify option.

I verify the app and all of the files are put down and everything works.

I have not tried to re-create the app obj because it will re-install and
stuff the existing users who have been done up - I dont want it to re-run.
(I could sync the GUID and version but I dont really want to)

I am running the current Beta ZFDAgent and NSL with no Novell client.