Hi, I'm running Zen 6.5 Update 2 and I'm running the latest Zen 6.5
Agent. I have some questions about application assignment. I'm trying
to deploy Microsoft Office 2003 with a MST (transform file). When I
deploy it to a clean system, it seems to work fine, the transform applies
and everything is good.

Question 1: Now, when I deploy it to a system that has Microsoft Office
XP installed for example, Office xp is uninstalled, and Office 2003 is
installed. But, the transform does not apply.

Question 2: I've tried doing a manual uninstall of Office 2003 on a
workstation and after that Office 2003 will not re-install through
application explorer. I've tried associating it with the workstation
itself, I've tried associating it with a specific user, no luck.