I did a bit of googling w/o much luck.
I've not heard of this done, but I would recommend trying

experts-exchange or appdeploy.com to see if they have any ideas.
If you get a starter in any form, we could help ZEN it.

I will dig a bit more since this seems like it could be useful on a common

Tom Traband wrote:

> We are deploying a large number of new Dell Optiplex GX280 workstations
> across our school district. We are using Zen imaging very successfully -
> image selection policy configured so that the technician just hits F3 on
> boot and it is hands off from there to get to a consistent base image, then
> we have znrc changing workstation name and a restart to import the
> workstation. We are very happy with this process.
> We would also like to push out a consistent set of BIOS settings -
> wake-on-LAN to network first, consistent boot order, BIOS setup password,
> etc. Currently we are making these changes manually before pulling down the
> image, and it takes a couple of restarts to get them set the way we want. I
> am wondering if anyone is aware of a program that would allow us to create
> an application object to write these settings out to the BIOS after the
> workstation has been imported into the tree. This would also allow us to
> standardize the settings on workstations that have already been deployed
> without visiting each workstation (7 schools, 1500 machines) individually.
> Thanks for your time, and for any pointers.
> Tom Traband
> System Technician
> USD 231, Gardner-Edgerton, KS
> Tom Traband
> Technology Dept.
> USD 231