Just wondering if others would like to share there experiences with new Zfd
6.5, WinXP SP2, DLU, Roaming Profiles and Volatile Users.

I have recently been involved in deploying the above type of configuration.
Resolving the issues relating to the Windows Firewall in SP2 were easy
using Group Policies, however we have seen some weird behaviour with simple
standard things like login scripts not running correctly, distribution
status of applications showing as not current, which is really frustrating
when you have run once, force run, MSI packages.

We have deployed the Beta patch ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Update 2
(zfd65u2.exe) which appears to have resolved the login script issues;
however this distribution status not sticking between users is really
killing us at the moment.

We are planning on testing to see if the Novell Client 4.9 Post-SP2 Update
D patch will resolve these problems, but currently there is not a lot of
public information that I can find.

We suspect this all goes back to permission issues within the HKCU registry
and DLU but we are not sure.

Do I have it all wrong about run once, which I thought was workstation
based and not user based?

These applications are being assigned to users and not workstations. Is
run once dependant on the type of assignment, i.e. Workstation or User?

Thanks in advance.

Matt Midson