I have a specific NAL application I am trying to create around the
restrictions inherent in Power User.

The application is the Lotus Notes client version 6.5. The way we deploy
the application is the binaries get installed on the local PC, and the data
files are installed on the users home directory.

The way the NAL is configured, it first looks for a notes directory on the
users home directory. If it finds it, the directory is copied to a backup
folder and then the upgrade takes place. This is all done via a "CMD"
script that gets called out of the NAL.

When the DLU is configured so the user is a power user, It generates an
error out of the installation saying it cannot write to the network drive.
If you change this same user to administrator it works fine. However our
Information Security people are requiring us to re-work our applications to
accomodate power user, so it's not really an option for me. I am calling
the script from the "run options/application" tab.

Any ideas on how I could get this working would be appreciated.