ZfDS 6.5 on XP/2000 clients and W2k server, including a middle tier server.

Since the scheduler piece is broken, I cannot distribute Apps after hours.

Is there a way to have Zenworks limit the bandwidth consumed? I have
looked at IIS bandwidth throttling for the Middle Tier, but that doesn't
work in this situation. (I have it on, it doesn't throttle.)

I have a large number of 64kbit and 128kbit pipes that I need to support.
I was planning on distributing these zenapps after hours when no one was on
the workstation, but since we are waiting for Novell to fix this piece I
have to figure out how to patch these machines.

I have looked at robocopy, but that transfers 64kbyte chunks. On a
128kbit/s pipe, I only have in some cases .5Kbyte/sec to play with.

Is there any way to throttle down the client so it only uses available
bandwidth, or is it full steam ahead? Currently it saturates the pipe,
leaving the users with non-responsive machines.

Thank you;

Edwin Davidson

(Yes, I am looking at QoS/Queueing/Packeteer as well.)