Reponse to

I know, posting here is essentially useless, but I need to rant before I
blow up. In response to the neverending 'how do I install McAfee via

Here is a solution, rather than hearing about 'how to install Mcafee' every
couple weeks in this forum....I have a better solution. Use a better product
such as TrendMicro Officescan. Put its main .exe in the users login script,
and thats IT. If its not there, it will install it. If it is there, it will
update. If another product is installed such as Mcafee, it will uninstall
and install iteslf.

Rather than spend countless hours on a less then stellar product trying to
figure out how to get it yourself time, money and
frustration buy doing your homework, and buying a REAL product such as
TrendMicro OfficeScan.

Honestly, reading about Mcafee install issues every other week in Cool
Solutions makes me wonder if people are just plain ignorant, or if everyone
is a glutton for punishment. Or if Novell is just trying to save a
partnership with a crappy product.

rant over