Having what I think is a strange situation.

We have a primary Zen import server that imports all of our workstations
except for one context. Let's call it Special. Users in Special context
have their workstations imported by a secondary zen server (and policy).
Let's call it zenimport2. Zenimport2 is only running import/removal
services - everything else is running from zenimport1, our primary zen

So, I've found that setting a Workstation application explorer (workstation
helper, whatever terminology you prefer) policy on these Special
workstations to refresh every hour does not take effect - even though it
shows as an effective setting on the workstation object in ConsoleOne.
Related to this is the fact that no associated pre-distributions occur for
those workstations.

If I unregister the workstation and import it to a non-Special context,
everything works as desired.

Does this mean that Desktop Management services need to be installed on
zenimport2 in addition to import and removal services? For some reason I
thought that the primary zen server could handle this regardless of where
the workstation is imported, but this would not seem to be the case.