I am having this intermittent seemingly random problem.

I saw the TID 10095083 that discusses it to some extent and may be
related. However, I am running my apps in secure system context, not
Unsecure system context. Not sure if there is a difference there as far
as the bug is concerned. When I deploy an app that runs in the secure
system context it appears to only affect 3-5 users out of about 600.
Restarting the app manually usually fixes the problem, however, I would
like to eliminate calls to our helpdesk if possible.

Is this likely the same issue that will be fixed in SP1 as TID 10095083?

2nd question. It might be a month or two before we deploy sp1. Until
then, could I get by with putting the command "net start nalntservice"
in the pre-launch script? It seems to work, are there any downsides?

PS Our users are not administrators, they are "power users"
OS = 100% win2k sp4
ZEN Agents are dated 6/16/2004
I do not appear to have events in the event viewer that say the service
failed to start, it appears more that it started just fine, maybe just
too late or the app can't recognize that it is there.