I'm trying to upgrade my dell gx270 bios.

The goal is to wake up my workstations during the night without any user
interaction. To do that, i configure a application object that is
workstation associated that does the following:

First i copy files on every wrkstn (that is working fine).
Second, i try to start the executable file that would clear the bios
password (never succeeded doing that. only when a user is logged in, the
executable will run fine.)
Third, once the password is cleared, i start the flash update with the
silent option. Then the workstation reboot upgrading the passsword.
Fourth, once rebooted, i try to start another executable file that would
restore the bios password.

If somebody can tell me how to run a executable file with an app object
that is workstation associated without a user login, i will really appreciate.

Thanks in advance for any help