Hi everyone

Zenworks 6.5 with Update2 patches and Zen agent , workstations XP SP1
and W2K SP4 with U2 Agent installed.

Zen Server running on 2003
Not using client32 on workstations

I have come across some strange behaviour with the caching of

I was getting a large number of 1612 and or 1603 error messages ,
after much googling and searching , I found that if I was to cache
some MSI application to the local PC , and then do a force run from
there , that they are causing corruption of the local file system.

This is reported in the MSI debug file , stating something along the
lines that the install source is corrupt , Run a disk check and sure
enough the are errrors on the file system.

If I install the app from the network location , it installs fine , If
I install it with Zen and do not cache it, it installs fine.

It would only happen if cached to the local workstation , it did'nt
happen for all apps , but it was often enough , to currently abandon
caching applications.
I'm still in the POC stage of my project ,but have a demo to the
powers that be coming up and would like to have an answer to this if

Has anyone else see anything like this



Lachy Darby
Practical Education Institute
250 Devon Street
New Plymouth

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