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In preparation of migrating from ZfD 4.0.1 IR4 to ZfD 6.5 SP1, I am
trying to get the NetWare Client 4.9 SP2 pushed out to all of our
clients. Right now we have a mix of 4.83 and various patch levels on
Client 4.9.

When I attempt to wrap ACU with a ZfD NAL object, it tells me that the
user needs administrative rights to upgrade the client and cannot
continue. This is correct, since we run in a locked-down state. Most of
our users are Power Users, and not local administrators. (Students are
Users instead of Power Users!)

When I attempt to wrap ACU in a ZfD NAL object that runs as the System
(both unsecured and non-secured, it doesn't matter), WMRUNDLL.EXE
crashes and the client is never installed.

Is there some sort of magical formula that I need to follow in order to
roll out a client upgrade to clients via ZfD for non-administrators?

- Matt