Hi, I wanted to know if anyone deployed the latest IE and Netscape
browsers in the workstations on their network. I know that there were some
issues on the IE with files\folders being placed on the c:\WINNT\System.
This is a problem for workstations which users does not have Admin rights
(power users rights). Also, if the PC is being used by multiple users the
problem of moving their address book, favorites, and if they have email
configured on their IE. The same goes for Netscape. The question is, How
can I best deploy the two browsers upgrade and have the user profile with
all of there data upgrade right along with evrything else un-affected? Is
there a way to do a pre-install and post-install in this case based on the
user and/or do I also repackage the MSI file to do the trick? (maybe
sometype of script id needed?) Let me know if there is a way to do the
upgrade without loosing some user profiles in the process and how?