HI Guys,

Soon to have ZEN, but we gonna have a department which wil not use
this...for them i need to do the following......

I need to build them a small as possible winxp install, i need a automated
install....maybe something other than ghost...becuase i believe that not
all hardware will be excact...

2nd i need this windows boxes to only open 1 application, it must open with
this app and they must not be able to go anywhere else....no ie no word
nothing...almost kiosk style but not with ie but this win32 app?..is this
possible.....and what would happen if the support guys wants to do
something...how will they get back there "full windows" to do there stuff
and then go back to kiosk mode for the user?

I know this is not maybe the perfect site to ask this as this will not be
done with ZEN, but who else will know Xp this good? -)

Regards Thys