We just installed ZDM 6.5 SP1 on NW 6.5SP2 server. Middle Tier server
was installed on the same box.

The problem we are having with distributing MSI apps to Win XP SP2 in
Agent only installation. We are getting MSI 1612 error. With MSI
logging enabled there is no logs created - although they do when the
local MSI is run. As soon as we installed Novell Client 4.9 SP2 and we
get an NCP connection to the same box MSI apps distributes fine. The
agent does communicate with Edirectory - Remote Control, DLU and
Inventory are working fine.

It seems the problem is either with the ZFDAgent (it's from ZFD 6.5
SP1) or the middle tier server. The AOT based apps distribute fine in
both Client and Clientless environment. Is there any logging that can
be turned on at the middle tier server to analyze the situation.

Any help would be really appreciated.