I built apps to deliver the 6.5 Application Explorer and sp2 for the 4.90
client, the workstations presently have sp1. I made the sp2 push dependant
on the Application Explorer bing installed and forced a reboot on the
completion of the App Expl.

If I check the wait on reboot the App Expl app installs fine but the sp2
patch begins to run immediately and then a box comes up saying the install
can not continue because the workstation is shutting down. If I leave it
unchecked the reboot happens but when the workstation comes up the I get a
dialog box saying that the application is waiting for a reboot and asks if
the user would like the installtion to continue. If you select yes 2
installaions happen simultaniously and you get a sharing violation when
NetIdentity is trying to load. If you click No the installaion starts and
completes fine.

When I tried to do the install of the App Launcher but prompt for a reboot
the same thing happens except that the installation for sp2 will start
while the dialog box asking for a reboot is still on the screen.

I could probably give the users directions on saying No to the install of
the sp2 patch and things would go fine but I would rather not give them
any interaction at all.