Quick couple questions!

--First of all can you use ZFD Client 6.5 SP1 (this includes the
application launcher (ver., remote management, and desktop
management) with ZFD Management SERVER ver. 4.0.1? (In other words if I
install ZFD client 6.5 sp1 on a workstation machine but my ZFD server is
still only ver 4.0.1)
--The reason I ask this question is b/c i called novell and the
answer was no (from a salesperson). However I have installed the above and
it works fine! Is there issues that are not apparent and so they don't
support it?

--Second question is the complete opposite. Has anyone had any difficulty
running a ZFD 6.5 Server but still only having ZFD client ver. 4.0.1
running on the machines?

Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated, sorry for the long winded post
but all the versions can get confusing so I wanted to make sure it's
crystal clear!