ZfD6.5, NW6SP5
I've setup app objects for distributing and running Office2003. Each app
object points to the same msi and mst that I created using the resource
kit, and then points to its respective executable. Everything works
great and as expected. But when I verify the install, the machine
reboots without prompting the user. The app object is set to prompt
first but I'm thinking on a verify it doesn't reference that setting??
How can I get it to prompt before rebooting on a verify?

Also, a user installs Office2003, and then I change my mst to include a
component that wasn't included previously, I expected that new component
to install when the user does a verify. But that doesn't happen, the new
component doesn't install. So during a verify, is the mst file being
ignored? I have the Reinstall all files options checked in MSI|Verify.

And finally, just playing around with things I decided to change the
GUID, thinking that might get the new component installed. But all that
did was produce an msi error 1638, which states a version of the
software already exists. How do I avoid this, short of just not ever
changing the GUID's. Or is that the answer?