OK -- so I'm testing an Application Object that will change a couple of
registry settings for a given application a couple dozen users use daily.
I'm associating the application object by workstation and making a force

For Windows XP Users, the application settings do not get changed.
NAL is writing the application object and its associated GUID to the
but not making the necessary change. Going through the registy, I delete
any entries
by the application object name and the GUID assigned to the app object.
After deleting all entries, NAL will run making the required changes I
in the app object..

For Windows 2000 users, the Application Object makes the necessary changes
I have found after going through the registy and deleting app object/GUID
for that particular object, restart the machine, the app object runs making
the necessary changes.

What am I doing wrong?

Also -- once I have this working correctly, will it work to associate the
application object by Workstation Group?