I'm trying to arrange for applications to be removed before we install new
versions of them, and I'm running into a problem....

I can remove an application by using the /l switch on the command line for
nalwin32, which is fine. However, if there are dependant apps, it asks if we
want to remove them, as other apps depend on these eg, I have several MSI
apps that depend on ISScript being installed, but if I try and remove one of
the applications is displays a warning that other apps depend on ISScript,
and do I really want to remove it.

Is there any way to stop this message, and just as importantly, not removing
ISScript (in this example). If ISScript is going to be removed, it should be
done after the last app that depends on it is removed - although leaving it
installed is an option too.

Any suggestions appreciated, as I can't find anything in the docs, or in the
KB on how to do it.