Hey all,

A short intro...;)
I'm just in the process of testing 6.5 with Novell Client 4.90SP2,
Management Agent is installed. I'm going through my applications step by
step to check for any changes needed (so far I found it's useful to import
and adjust application requirements).
Most other workstations use either Client 4.83SP1+lots of additional
patches, a few have 4.90SP2 running - all use ZfD3.2SP2 (to say: after
client install they got an "update" from server). Because of some issues
with up-/downgrading NAL I decided to leave the client alone starting
local NALDESK now imstead of NALEXPLD form server.

Finally here's my question: Looks like my new agent gives a different
result for the %DN% macro, ZfD3.2 agents uses a leading dot - the new
agent doesn't. Which one is considered to be correct? I have a bunch of
applications writing to registry - used to set persistent connections -
and I have no idea how to continue:(

Thx in advance