I am new to NAL. I have been doing very good pusing all the MS patches.
I also pushed out our older versoin on AV to all the workstations. Now
I'm trying to push our latest version of AV. I have two choices using an
MSI or an exe. I have created command lines for both and tested from the
command line and both work Here they are:

msiexec /i "\\NWCS-US\SYS\PCSupprt\Baseline\eTrust\7.1\eTrust
INO_ICFFILE="\\NWCS-US\SYS\PCSupprt\Baseline\eTrust\7.1\inoc71.icf" /qb
/L*V %ProgramFiles%\CA\eTrust\71_Install.log

INO_ICFFILE="\\NWCS-US\SYS\PCSupprt\Baseline\eTrust\7.1\inoc71.icf" /s

Now when I try using the MSI from NAL I get not a valid MSI file. I
prefer the way the MSI installs from the command line though.

When I try the exe (at least on the machine that I have tried), it
starts up but never finishes properly.

Any suggestions on the best way to delpoy this? Maybe starting it from a
batch file?


John Jakus