What is the best way to handle a package with multiple MSI files?
Specifically, I'm trying to create an object for Adobe Reader 7.0.1.
Reader 7.0.0 comes as an MSI, and the 7.0.1 update is also an MSI (not
MSP). Right now, I've got three separate objects:

adobe-reader launches acrord32.exe and depends on adobe-reader-7.0.1
adobe-reader-7.0.1 installs the 7.0.1 and depends on adobe-reader-7.0.0
adobe-reader-7.0.0 installs version 7.0.0

The 7.0.1 patch does appear to install, and is visible in the Add/Remove
Programs control panel, but clicking on Help->About in Reader still
shows version 7.0.0.

-- Daniel Kruszyna
--- South Lake Schools