Windows 2003 running Zen 6.5
No Novell Servers
Workstations running Windows 2000 and Windows XP pro
Workstations running ZEN 6.5 Agent without Novell Client
Application Objects distributed to users Start Menu's using Application
Both W2k and XP workstations are affected


We recently had one of our windows 2003 domain controllers crash and we
rebuilt it and most everything seems to be working quite well. On the
same day that this occurred we also decommissioned our old Novell 6
server and cleaned up e-directory of objects that referenced it. We
are not completely sure what is going on but we now have a situation
where people are experiencing a delay of 15 seconds from the time they
click on a Network distributed Application Object and the time the
applications open. The symptom does not show itself everytime and
application object is clicked and is random throughout any particular