I recently upgraded to zfd 6.5. We used to launch our windows patches as
simple application with command lines and registry checks. In order to
force the patches down first we used the force run order and set them low
in the list (under 100) and the rest of our applications higher (over
200). After upgrading we got a lot of errors because we had them
associated with the workstations and upgraded to the Service pack 1 which
claims to fix this issue. See Error 2 in this regard.

I finally had enough and went to a solution I found on Cool Solutions (a
program that runs through an INI file I create and installs patches as

Problem 1: If our image does not get upated regularly and we have to put
more than a patch or two on the machine, the next application
automatically launches (in this case the Office MSI). We would prefer the
applications wait but it seems once Zen passes control off to another EXE
it moves on. We use a lot of installers with command lines.

Problem 2: The ever annoying "Could not launch <app name> (id=0) Problem:
Application Launcher NT Service was not found to run application as a
system user." This will cause me to pull my own hair out. Almost any time
I try to launch an exe from Zenworks I get this now. I was told SP1 of Zfd
6.5 fixed this. It doesn't. I am running them as unsecured user and as
workstation objects; I want to see that they run (and the user to see it
too) and I want to make sure they run right away. Our workstation import
happens almost immediatly after the agent is installed. For windows
patches it is critical they be in place ASAP.

Any help here would be appreciated a lot.